Every so often something unexpectedly fabulous happens, as it did recently for me when I discovered that I was on the cover of Female Entrepreneur SA’s BIZBUZZ magazine! Long story short, I was interviewed some months ago for an article that shared behind-the-scenes insight about my business. The editor was also fascinated to learn about my experience of Marie Forleo’s phenomenal online B-School and felt that her readers would love to learn about it too.

With Team Forleo’s blessing, I gladly shared my experience, which has been exceptional, not only because I won a scholarship (worth $1,999) and all that I’ve learnt from the program, but also because of the priceless value of Marie’s endorsement of me and my work. I was excited to see these articles published, so followed up a few times to find out when this would happen. However, due to a series of technical hitches, I didn’t receive a link, until recently reconnecting with the editor about a new article on behalf of my beautiful stepdaughter and her business.

To my delight, I discovered that both my articles had been published and that I was on the cover of the magazine. Not your everyday surprise! It was wonderful to find out too that I was in special company, including Nicole Capper (Mrs South Africa 2018) and Margaret Hirsch (CEO of Hirsch’s Homestores), who were each featured on the cover a few months previously. This is particularly meaningful to me since Nicole attended one of my Confidence on Camera workshops before entering the Mrs SA competition, and as I was recently invited to speak at two Hirsch’s events.

These invitations came as a result of their PR representative having followed my emails for a few years – to illustrate how far-reaching your message can be, if you continue to consistently share it. Combining this with the power of beautiful, authentic photos and videos can make all the difference. In the case of my BIZBUZZ feature, I submitted a selection of behind-the-scenes photos (including the cover pic above) that Dave had taken of me while I was photographing my gorgeous friend Michelle Walton in our local park. Michelle is a gifted therapeutic reflexologist and needed new photos for an industry website that was about to feature her as an expert.

For more of our photos and behind-the-scenes insight, follow this link: BIZBUZZ Magazine, April 2019If you’re interested in being featured in the media too, it can help a lot to have photos of you on hand, especially if they show you doing what you do, so bear that in mind when you plan your next shoot. And if you have any media feature to share, please leave a comment below and include a link to it, so that we can celebrate with you!