Having just passed the mid-year solstice, are you freshly inspired to take stock? Perhaps you’re completely content with all you’ve achieved and how beautifully your personal or business brand is being presented. Fantastic if that’s the case! If not, what could use your attention?

More specifically, when last did you invest in a professional photo or video shoot? Here’s some special inspiration from lovely Angela Botha, after I photographed her recently in our studio:

Testimonial for Naomi Estment's Photo Shoot
As she explains, there’s a huge difference in the experience of having a pro shoot, compared to snapping a pic on your smartphone, and the results also speak for themselves. One of the key reasons is that professional lighting is particularly flattering. This applies to photos and videos. For the photo of Angela above, we used four studio flash lights in combination, creating the high key lighting effect that blows out the white background and keeps the focus fully on her.

The top pic is a screen grab from one of my videos, where we used two continuous, adjustable LED lights, positioned in front and to either side of me. These are small and portable and can run on electricity or batteries, which is a bonus on location. Depending on your scenario, lights can cast unwanted shadows that can then be diffused through studio umbrellas or soft boxes, or by reversing the direction of the light and bouncing it off white polystyrene boards, for example.

Whether or not you choose to treat yourself to a pro shoot, this is a great time to refresh your photo or video portfolio, with a view to revamping your online platform for the rest of the year. If the thought of a photo or video shoot makes you feel anxious or overwhelmed by options, then my Personal Branding Shoots online course is tailor-made for you. It will help you to plan and prepare for a fabulous, authentic experience, regardless of who photographs or films you.

There’s also a bonus visualization video to help you rock your shoots and a handy checklist to plan and prep like a pro, so follow that link for all the juicy details. As an extra incentive to get into action, SAVE 30% if you sign up by Sunday 30 June. I look forward to connecting with you!