Do you feel deep down that there’s much more to life than you’re currently experiencing? More fulfilment, meaning, ease and joy, which Eckhart Tolle describes as “vibrantly alive peace“? If so, Nianell can connect you with this, through the power of song, sound and exquisite simplicity that will move you in a way that you’ve never been moved before.

You’re likely familiar with her breathtaking music and perhaps you know that she’s a Hay House author, gifted coach and healer, who also leads phenomenal meditation events. It was my privilege and pleasure to photograph one of these recently and experience the power of connection that she facilitates. Here are some of the pics:

Meditation Session with Nianell

Enhancing her talent as a world-renowned singer-songwriter, Nianell has a unique ability to tap into the truth of our souls and bring it into the light of our consciousness so that we can release our resistance to the abundance that is our birthright.

In addition to her meditations, she does this through group workshops, online courses, individual sessions and live performances. If you’ll be in Jo’burg on 20th July, be sure to treat yourself to her next show, which Dave and I will be filming. Simply CLICK HERE to book:

Nianell's Life Simplified Performance
In the meantime, visit Nianell’s website to find out more about her work, soak in her music and claim your free meditation recording. As you do this, consider the gift of photography and videography that gives you a real glimpse into what it feels like to be at her unforgettable events.

Whatever work YOU do, never underestimate the value of sharing beautiful photos and compelling videos that position your brand as premium and invite your followers into the experience of being in your presence and working with you.

This is priceless for expanding your reach and connection within the world . . . and connection is what living a meaningful life is all about! #LifeSimplified