Almost a quarter of the way into 2019! How is your year going so far? I hope you’re having fun and finding fulfillment too. On that note, do you have a message to share? If so, I’m guessing you appreciate opportunities to publish it more widely than your own platform.

I’m so grateful to startupAFRICA magazine for featuring me and my message in their March issue! It’s all about the world of creatives, especially those of us who use photography and art to tell our stories. Check it out at It’s a ‘pioneering monthly digital magazine that showcases and celebrates the efforts of entrepreneurs who work towards developing startups and progressive businesses which contribute to the growth and success of the African economy.’

This is close to my heart, especially empowering women entrepreneurs to become the star of their brand and raise their online presence to the next level through showing up fully in their photos and videos, so that they inspire their tribe and make the contribution they’re here to make. With this in mind, and to celebrate International Women’s Day being in March, I collaborated with startupAFRICA in sharing a series of 1-minute videos that offer key tips to present great videos.

Here’s the first one to give you a taste:

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Mastering your presence on camera can dramatically improve the impact of your online presence, contributing to sought after premium status for your brand and expert status for you – a natural avenue to being featured in the media. Want in? Grab my course today. Cheers to your success!

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