Woohoo . . . the festive season has arrived! How are you spending your December? I hope you’re having a whole lot of fun with family, friends, fabulous food and plenty of photos! Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your smartphone pics:

  1. Grab your favourite millennial and tap into their selfie confidence! The pic above is with my twin sister’s 20-year-old daughter Jo, who is my god daughter. Having lots of practice and bucketloads of pizzaz, she’s a selfie master and makes the whole process huge fun!
  2. If you haven’t already done this, try using a finger loop or pop socket attached to the back of your smartphone, to help you hold your phone more easily while taking a photo. If you want to have the lens further away from you, then you may prefer to use a selfie stick.
  3. Position yourself (if you’re taking a selfie) or else your subject, facing towards the brightest available light source. In the pic above, Jo and I were standing just inside the edge of some shade, facing towards the sun but avoiding any glare. If you’re inside, face towards a window.
  4. Move yourself and your phone around, changing the height and the angle of your phone and your face (or subject) to find the most attractive composition and ensure maximum hotness! If necessary, declutter the background and rearrange any props for the best impact.
  5. Tap your smartphone screen where you want the camera to focus and to set the exposure, then snap away! If you’re taking selfies, inject extra sparkle or cheekiness into your thoughts and expression.¬†Remember that you can always delete and repeat, so don’t hold back!

Naomi Estment at Urban Angel Cafe

As a bonus tip, explore the power of colour to boost your mood, enhance your radiance and brighten up your photos. Clear, bold colours work well on camera, provided that they complement your skin tone and feel fabulous on you. We dive into detail about this and so much more in my online courses.

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In the meantime, I wish you and yours a magical Christmas and amazing New Year that fulfils your deepest dreams. Along the way, be sure to snap some gorgeous photos for the record ūüėÄ

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