Not sure about you but it took me a long time to become comfortable with indulging myself, even in relatively small ways. Truthfully, I can still do with practice sometimes. Yet a little treat can go a surprisingly long way to lift your mood and top up your emotional bank account.

Our dogs had me smiling recently when I bribed them with biscuits to pose nicely for a photo. Full disclosure: I’ve done this so often that they tend to perk up their ears and start to wag their tails, ready to strike a pose, when they see me lining up my iPhone in their direction 😀

Dutiful Dogs Posing for Treats
This got me thinking about how many people have admitted to me over the years that they’ve put off personal branding photo and video shoots, because they didn’t feel ready for whatever reason, or because they (consciously or not) feared that the results would be less than perfect.

In that case, a simple self treat can help to inspire action, such as a new top, accessory or haircut, and it needn’t be fancy. A new brand of lipgloss could even do the trick. In fact, simple outfits and accessories generally feel best and translate best on camera.

It can be wonderful to encourage each other too. Years ago, I bought the pair of black boots that I’m wearing today. I was deliberating while trying them on, after I popped in at Woolworths to buy food (definitely NOT black boots, since I already had a pair, but a different style).

A lovely lady shopper surprised me by coming across and saying, “Those look amazing on you. You should buy them.” I gave her a big smile and said “Thank you, I will.” So many times over the years, I’ve thought of her with joyful gratitude when I pull on these boots 😉

The point is that many of us could do with more treats in our lives so why not use them constructively for fun and success? Do you agree? Comment below to let me know.

P.S. I bought my pink top in the photo above for one of the videos in my online courses. It felt fabulous to wear it for the first time on camera, and I bet the same will be true for you!


  • Gillian

    Hi Naomi, I feel that every penny spent on a great photo, or video would be money well spent. it is such a treat to come away, and Love the image you see in the photo.

    • Naomi

      Hi Gillian, lovely to hear from you! Thank you for your fabulous comment and for the special treat of photographing you! All the very best for your inspiring online course and have a wonderful weekend! Big hug to you, Naomi

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