You know what they say about the best laid plans? Sometimes life happens regardless, requiring us to be flexible. I’ve been intending to launch my online courses for a few weeks but have yet to complete the editing process, which is proving to be epic, as much as I love it! Above is a sneak peek frame grab from one of my course videos, and below is another.

Despite making considerable progress, there have been a few setbacks, including a 36 hour electricity outage that ruled out editing over a free weekend that I’d set aside for this, as well as an acute 2 week throat and sinus infection that ruled out concentrating! Our business also needs to proceed as usual, including taking care of our financial year end admin.

Naomi Estment presenting her online course in studio
Thankfully, my courses are coming together, in between various live workshops and fabulous client shoots. Something else also happened recently that reminded me to pause and appreciate life. One of our cousins passed away unexpectedly, within weeks of being diagnosed with an aggressive illness. So I paused to take some special time out and be with my family.

Experiencing these things, and editing my course content, reinforces the power of pausing – in life and videos. Taking time out is key to our health and happiness, while pausing strategically when presenting on camera is key to great videos. It gives your words room to breathe while allowing viewers to absorb your message without feeling rushed.

Pauses also provide your audience with cues that indicate when they need to pay attention, so that they can pick up on important points. Kind of how life works 😉 Has anything happened in your life lately that’s caused you to pause, and have you learned something in the process? Let’s share notes in the comments below. In the meantime, breathe easy.

P.S. An extra tip when presenting on camera is to start your video with a pause and radiant smile, to smile frequently throughout, and to end with a smile, followed by a pause, before looking away from the camera. Your editor will love you . . . and so will your viewers!


  • Janice Hurly

    Hi Naomi, so glad it is coming together, even if it is slowly. This week has required some pause and thinking time for me. After parent-teacher meetings at my son’s boarding school last week, it turns out his studying is not going well and time is running out to fix it as matric is next year. The normal project manager in me initially thought get him working during the holidays, make the studying happen, but then I realised that may not be the problem, perhaps we need to first understand his point of view and what support he needs so that I don’t “take over and push him along” and he learns to take responsibility and make it happen. I need to pause and work it out over the next few days. Sometimes it is best to do nothing!

    • Naomi

      Hi Janice, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and wise insight – much appreciated! Although I don’t have my own children, I can totally relate to the project manager in you and the urge to forge ahead with a solution straight away 😀 I’ve also got no doubt that your son will sincerely appreciate the time and space to share his point of view and participate in resolving the situation. This is such sound advice for so many circumstances that we face in life. Thanks again for sharing and very best wishes for his success! Lots of love, Naomi

  • Nomalanga Sitole

    Pausing has allowed me to take a breath, focus on the things I need to change , the things that need to be re-aligned especially character wise and to appreciate some me time. I look back at situations that have forced me to Pause in the last month and I truly am grateful – sometimes we need to pause to heal from inner wounds we didn’t think we had , or have been burying . Pause and appreciate yourself – love on you – and then get up , rise up and conquer the next set of seconds, minutes and hours in the day !!!! The best version of you is always waiting to emerge – so Pause !!!!

    • Naomi

      Thank you Nomalanga for your inspiring comment! I love how you highlight the need for change, appreciating me time, the wisdom of hindsight, gratitude, healing and ‘loving on you’! Here’s to allowing our best versions to emerge! Much love to you, Naomi

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