When last did you experience something completely unexpected that took your breath away? I did last week, thanks to my husband Dave, which is so often the case. He has a habit of plucking me out of my comfort zone to do all sorts of adventurous things that I land up loving 😉

This time I got to see and shoot my most memorable Jo’burg sunset in 23 years. It was pretty spectacular and I’d have missed it altogether if it wasn’t for Dave dragging me from behind the computer, where I was deep into the process of editing the content for my online courses.

I went along to help him capture the topping out party for a 16 story building that he’s been filming and photographing since construction began. It’s still largely a dusty cement shell, with the sides open to the elements, namely a chilly wind and insistent rain as we arrived.

The event was being hosted for the investors on one of the lower floors, so we set up our gear there with the help of our freelance cameraman Chris. Then the rain stopped, just in time for glorious golden hour light to stream across Jo’burg, leading into sunset.

Dave launched his drone to capture stunning aerial perspectives, while Chris and I climbed the stairs to the 12th floor (because access to the roof was blocked) where he shot video footage and I took photos, with the help of breath-taking natural lighting that no money can buy.

Johannesburg Sunset
As you can see in these photos, the clouds make for amazing effects once the sun comes out. Isn’t that often the case in life and business? I’m so glad I was coerced out of the mesmerising prospect of sipping vanilla tea with non-stop focus on my project, to breathe fresh air instead.

Yes, I lost some time in terms of my self-imposed deadlines, but I’ll never forget that sunset and how fabulous it felt to shoot it from that setting. The pics above show the top of the 50m tower that Dave has been climbing weekly to retrieve time lapse images of the construction process.

I’ve climbed it with him too and am grateful for this keepsake of exceptional experiences that pushed me out of my comfort zone. How about you? What have you done that shifted you out of your comfort zone, and how did this alter your perspective? Please leave a comment below to share your story. I’d love to connect with you 😀