What an absolute treat to photograph lovely Colleen Leclercq for her personal branding and lifestyle portfolio! An expert relationship and leadership coach, she is the founder of Connect EQ, which Enables healthy relationships. Virtually. Anywhere. This is all about helping you to create conscious and intentional, healthy relationships, with yourself and others, so you can thrive in every area of your life. Colleen is also a partner at Unleash Leadership, which is a global initiative that brings together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations.

We had such an inspiring time, together with Colleen’s friend and fellow Partner at Unleash Leadership, Ksenia Ermakova, who came for her photo shoot on the same morning. Colleen is particularly skilled and experienced at working virtually, which she has done successfully for many years, both independently and within dynamic, international teams. As you can see, she is completely at home setting up her laptop in a beautiful environment, along with other items that she uses in her daily life and work. These props reflect the vivid colours of Colleen’s brand, as her selection of clothing does too, all combining to share effortless visual cues that help to enhance her personal and professional image, while allowing her personality to shine.

Colleen Leclercq - Portfolio Shoot by Naomi Estment
There is a whole field of study associated with the psychology of colour and the impact it can have in our lives and businesses, as well as how we respond to different colours in branding, for example. This was recently brought to life for me through a personal colour reading by Lien Potgieter, an insightful colour intuitive and author of Become Colour Conscious and Transform Your Experiences.

As Lien shared with me, we can use colour strategically in personal branding photo and video shoots, in order to contribute the quality of energy that we want to experience ourselves, and also convey to the people who view our photos and videos. What are your favourite colours to include in your photo and video shoots, and do you understand the impact of these, on yourself and your viewers?

If you’d like to explore this in more detail, I recommend doing some research of your own or else connecting with Lien or an alternative colour expert of your choice. As another example, Dougall Fraser is an acclaimed psychic, cosmic coach and author of Your Life in Color: Empowering your soul with the energy of color.

They both share plenty of insight and inspiration that may well brighten up your life and business. Either way, I encourage you to always have fun in front of that camera, with special thanks to Colleen for showing us how it’s done, and to Cabanga Conference Centre for hosting us so warmly at their wonderful venue!