Do you ever look back and marvel at the path you’ve travelled? 17 years ago today, my husband Dave and I co-founded our company Outdoor Video & Photographic and I couldn’t be more grateful that we took the leap. Two years later, we launched our studio, thanks to my gorgeous step-daughter Terri-Lee (featured here) who inspired me to start photographing people.

At the time, I took her for a photo shoot at a nearby studio, to bless her with an understanding of how beautiful she is. We realised that we could do just as good a job, using studio lights that we had for our commercial business, and a simple white backdrop. We spent a whole holiday playing with outfits, hair, make-up, accessories and poses. Then I did advanced photographic training in master lighting, portraiture, and fashion and glamour photography, forming the foundation for our studio work.

Terri has been my primary muse ever since and my focus for Naomi Estment International has evolved naturally along with her life and business development. Initially, I shot more modeling portfolios for teenagers and young adults. Above is a sample pose imitating one that we shot of Terri 15 years ago. Now she has her own interior decorating business and I focus more on personal branding portfolios.

One thing that’s constant is how much fun and creative inspiration we share, every time we play with a camera! For example, last week I photographed Terri in our studio, demonstrating a series of poses that will be included in my pending online program that teaches everything you need to know in order to make the most of your personal branding photo and video shoots (before, during and after).

Terri-Lee photographed by Naomi Estment
The goal of this section is to help you pose effortlessly in ways that flatter you and your body, while aligning with your brand objectives. Above are a few photos to give you a taste. In each case, my course walks you through details to be aware of, such as how to position your head, hands and feet, as well as adjust your attitude and/or your limbs, for best impact. The photos above show just a handful of ideas for you to try. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

In the meantime, my heartfelt thanks goes out to Dave for being such a special husband and business partner, who adds invaluable perspective, technical brilliance and non-stop adventure to my life and work . . . and to Terri-Lee for inspiring me to follow my passion and purpose to help visionary but camera shy people share the best of who they are via stunning photos and videos.

Do you have a story to share, that has led you to follow your passion and purpose? Has this resulted in a fabulous product or service? I’d love to know in the comments below, and you’re welcome to include a link to your website for the rest of us to discover. Thank you, XO

P.S. If you have any particular posing challenges, please feel free to post your questions too!