Not sure about you, but I tend to take stock around the time of my birthday, which is tomorrow.  It’s also my twin sister Ruth’s and our golden retriever Storm’s, so very Happy Birthday to them both! The pic above is at our local park with Dave, Storm and our puppy Smurf, who’s second ear recently stood up, a few weeks after the first. That Little Win caused a celebration in our household because his heritage is uncertain, so we didn’t know if it would happen 😀

All wins are worth celebrating, don’t you agree? And of course birthdays, but I’ll have to wait until Christmas time to celebrate with Ruth because she lives in Cape Town. In the meantime, here’s a photo of us from last summer at Clifton. Time for a beach holiday? Yes please!

Naomi and Ruth at Clifton Beach in Cape Town

That brings me to my Big Win for this week. Being a freedom-loving Sagittarian, I’m deeply drawn to the idea of location freedom and leveraged income, which can be earned online from a laptop, anywhere in the world. With this in mind, I set a goal on our last birthday (which was extra significant being our 50th) to create my first online course by this birthday. No pressure!

It’s not quite finished, but I’ve just set up my online school, with thanks to Marie Forleo and her B-School program for such phenomenal insight and inspiration, and also to Teachable for their brilliant course creation platform. If you’re considering something similar, I highly recommend both, having attended B-School twice (thanks to its lifetime access) and seeing how well Teachable works since signing up. My school is almost ready for enrollment and will contain my suite of online courses, teaching confidence on camera, how to optimize personal branding shoots, and leverage these via effective visual marketing.

I’m now in the process of preparing and shooting the video content for my courses, with a view to sharing exciting launch news in January. Can you believe it’s almost 2018? Year end is the classic time for taking stock in our lives and businesses. How do you feel about it? Got any wins, little or big, to share about your year? If so, please leave a comment below. It may remind you of how far you’ve come and inspire the rest of us to set some powerful intentions!