A spontaneous smile is one of the most contagious things in the world, and way more fun than a yawn! Think about it. When you’re paging through a magazine or browsing online, what images move you? Ten to one there are smiles among them.

Since Dave and I have so often been the ones behind the cameras (stills and video) over the past 16+ years, we don’t have many photos of us together. Although we seldom think of it, I’m always grateful when someone else takes the initiative and photographs us.

For example, here are some candid pics that our freelance cameraman Chris took of us:

Dave & Naomi Estment, photographed by Chris Duys
Whenever we’re shooting personal portfolios, we try to incorporate some candid photos, the ‘shots between the shots’ if you like. These often turn out to be favourites of our clients, especially when they’re among the reported 52% of women who don’t like their smile.

The magic of candid photography and videography is that it happens while the subject is (perhaps momentarily) free from feeling attached to the outcome. I’m sure you can relate to how fabulous that can feel – from spontaneous and fun to deliciously untamed. Yes? Yes!

Candid photos and footage are all about capturing the real you, in the most flattering way possible. That’s where your photographer or videographer’s skill and care comes into play. Here’s a clue to help you do your part and discover this delight at your shoots:

“How to recognize emotional attachment: if your happiness rests upon what you expect from something or someone, you are stuck.” – Anonymous

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t give a hoot about how we come across to other people, but the point is to let go of any associated fear, enough to relax and be ourselves at shoots. Not always easy but you know what they say: practice makes perfect . . . and also remember that this is the digital age, so you can always ‘delete and repeat’.

How about you? Do you find yourself feeling self conscious on camera, or is it easy for you to throw caution to the wind? Please leave a comment below to let me know 🙂 

P.S. If you have a friend who doesn’t like their smile or struggles to relax in front of a camera, please share this with them. Apart from realizing how common their resistance is, they may be encouraged to overcome it, and that’s a gift. Thank you, XO