When last did you take a complete break, not only from non-stop doing but also from incessant, goal-oriented thinking? Personally, our past long weekend offered the perfect, much-needed opportunity for me . . . 3 glorious days dedicated entirely to rest, relaxation and pleasure. In the process, I even rediscovered the B L I S S of lolling on a lilo.

Absurdly, I can’t remember the last time I did this, despite living in our home for over 20 years, where I can take 5 steps out of our bedroom and into our swimming pool. That has always been my dream scenario, but even in my gratitude, I completely overlooked the fabulous benefits of free floatation therapy. OMG, this is the power of unplugging!

Perhaps you’re more present in the moment than me, and better at pausing to smell the roses. Or maybe there’s a simple pleasure, right under your nose, that you might be missing too? Since this welcome wake-up, I’m freshly committed to soaking up our sunshine on a frequent basis, along with putting up my feet to take a break if I need one.

Happy Feet, Puppy, Pool - Garden Scene
Marie Forleo shared a brilliant interview last week with author Brendon Burchard, who spent 3 years studying the world’s most successful people. He reveals scientific research, which as Marie explains, dispels any myth that the way to get ahead is to “Hustle. Never settle. Give 110%. Sleep when you’re dead.” Instead, she advises us to “take a break today – a real one”. Follow this link to their interview to be informed and inspired!

What can be more important than indulging in the little things that make life worth living? Apart from dosing on a drifting lilo, my favourites include reading, writing, yoga, meditation, delicious healthy food, time with family and friends, playing with our dogs, being creative in all kinds of ways, and of course making love . . . really it’s all about making time 😉

Once you’re rested and recharged, filled up with fun, laughter and love, you’ll be ready to share your radiance – on camera or off – guaranteed! I encourage you to explore the power of unplugging, particularly if you’re planning a personal branding photo or video shoot. That way you’ll be sure to share the B E S T of who you are and what you offer.

P.S. What are your favourite ways to unplug from the sometimes exhausting cycle of life-on-the-go? Please comment below to share what works for you. Perhaps it will spark a special experience for others – and also remind you to treat yourself more often 🙂