There’s something about the change of seasons that seems to inspire new ideas. Do you agree? Heading into Spring here in Johannesburg, I’m freshly enchanted by the beauty of nature waking up again, especially the scent of jasmine infusing the air.

Our neighbours have a giant palm tree that’s gift wrapped in a profusion of the tiny flowers, and we’re treated to their fragrance filling our home. This draws me outside more than ever, along with taking Smurf for frequent trips onto our lawn 😉

It struck me last week that our front porch is the perfect place for an impromptu photo shoot, to share a lifestyle portfolio glimpse into where we live and work. So I arranged a quick setup wth lighting and props, and Dave shot these photos for me.

Naomi Estment - Sep 2017 - by Dave Estment
My intention is to use them in the revamp of my website that I’m planning, to coincide with the launch of my first online program, within the following few months. How about you? Do you have inspiring ideas to refresh your website photos?

Like my pending new book, my online program will dive into confidence on camera for photo and video shoots, how to optimize your personal branding shoots, as well as how to leverage photos and videos of you via effective visual marketing.

If you’re looking for insight and inspiration on these topics, it’s coming your way soon. In the meantime, you’re welcome to shoot me questions in the comments below. Let’s chat 🙂

P.S. Watch this space for more fabulous lifestyle portfolio ideas from a gorgeous shoot we did this week. I’m sure it will inspire you. Remember, this is your time to shine!