How significant are testimonials to you – in terms of your own work and/or suppliers who you support? I can be strongly persuaded by sincere, informed feedback about products or services that I plan to purchase, and I’m deeply grateful to my many amazing clients who have freely provided testimonials for me. This week I’m shining the spotlight on some of them, including gorgeous Rachel Balthazar, above.

Group Control Manager at the Standard Bank Group, Rachel won a photo shoot with me at the Standard Bank Women in Leadership conference. You may have read my Blue Heels Boogie blog post about that a few weeks ago? It took you behind the scenes at this super inspiring event, which offered me the opportunity to exhibit my business. In return, I contributed one of my photo shoot packages as a prize, and Rachel won it.

I so enjoyed photographing her, especially because she confessed to being camera shy. Far from feeling frustrated by clients who are nervous in front of my camera, I relish the fulfillment of helping them to shine in their photos and videos – particularly when they have a specific purpose in mind for their shoot. In Rachel’s case, she was grateful for the opportunity to have photos taken ‘to enhance her career profile‘.

This is an essential requirement for so many of us, whether we work in the corporate world or run our own companies. In addition to the joy that beautiful personal photos and videos can give you, they offer real professional value and other profound benefits for your life and business. To inspire you to consider these, take a look at the brief video below. It features snippets from some of my other clients’ testimonials:


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Heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of these special ladies.

May they, and you, continue to shine ever more brightly in front of the camera!