This is a thrilling time of year for many young people around the world. It brims with promise for career opportunities because the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) hosts their annual convention in New York in July. This is a hot spot for aspiring models, actors, singers and dancers to showcase their skills for top international talent scouts.

Figures Models SA facilitates the selection phases in South Africa that lead up to this contest. Then my fabulous friend Merlene Spies, owner of Figures Models Randburg, shepherds a group of young stars to New York. Her models typically shine on the local and international stages, which is testament to their talent as well as their training.

I’ve been shooting portfolios for Figures models for over a decade and this year I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of photographing 3 stunning contestants for their IMTA portfolios. They include Amore’ Vlok, 2017 Figures International Model of the Year, as well as Mwila Masongo and Nicole Morgan. Here are a few of their photos, taken recently at our studio:
Amore' Vlok - IMTA Modeling Portfolio by Naomi Estment
Mwila Masongo - IMTA Modeling Portfolio by Naomi Estment
Nicole Morgan - IMTA Modeling Portfolio by Naomi Estment
We had such fun at each of their shoots, creating variety with outfits, backdrops, props and poses, and adding outdoor photos too. These feature a special ‘bokeh’ effect, which refers to the aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blurred background. We achieve this using shallow depth of field settings, combined with flattering lighting that highlights the model.

Just in case you’re thinking ‘Oh, it’s easy for them to look amazing, they’re models!‘, let me point out that Figures Models SA is primarily a group of modeling schools (in addition to being an agency), so their focus is more on aspiring than established models. Most Figures students are grateful for plenty of guidance on posing, as well as encouragement to boost their confidence on camera, as this doesn’t often come naturally.

My point is that every one of us CAN shine on camera, not by comparing ourselves to beautiful models like these young ladies, but by being inspired to bring out the best in ourselves. Here’s to your beautiful best – and please join me in wishing Amore’, Mwila and Nicole everything of the best on their travels to New York! For some more of their photos, please CLICK HERE to view my Facebook albums.

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