How are you doing, Gorgeous? Very well I hope! Perhaps taking stock as we head into the 2nd half of the year, with fresh intention to make it count? My husband Dave and I have had an interesting few weeks in this regard, consolidating our life and business situation.

Entrepreneurial Challenge

This was precipitated in part by an entrepreneurial challenge that we’ve faced over the past few months, after a couple of our corporate and commercial clients cut their marketing budgets. Our income was impacted, but it also resulted in us being less bound to Jo’burg to fulfill their ongoing requirements. So we seriously considered moving to Cape Town, for me to return home to my family and because of Dave’s asthma. Much to his frustration it snuck up on him out of the blue after being an athlete all his life, and the sea air is helpful.

Changing Plans

Actually, we decided to go and proceeded to make plans, including photographing our home to put it on the market. Showcasing homes via photos and videos is one of the things we love to do, incorporating panoramic shots like the one below that Dave took one evening. Then came the valuable life lesson, forewarned by my twin sister. Seeing the photo, she sms’d ‘Wooooow! Careful you don’t sell it back to yourself :-)’
Home by Night photographed by Dave Estment
Turns out, we did. After preparing a beautiful portfolio of photos, we felt such profound, renewed appreciation for our home (of 20 years) and our studio (below) that we experienced a tremendous recharge of focus accompanied by a flood of new business.
Johannesburg Studio for Hire

Feeling Gratitude

For now our work is Jo’burg based but we intend to expand our clientele to include Cape Town, with a view to generating more opportunities to travel there. The point though is what a powerful influence appreciation and gratitude can have on your circumstances.

I read somewhere (I’d share a reference if only I could remember where) that a swift way to get in touch with gratitude is to imagine that you suddenly lost everything you have (tangible, material assets and intangibles as well, like relationships for example). Then imagine how you’d feel if you just as suddenly got it all back . . .

Power of Appreciation

My heart goes out to everyone who lost a lot, if not everything, in the Knysna fires and Western Cape storms recently. What a reminder that we have so much to be grateful for. In our case, photos brought this home, as they can do for us individually too.

I’ve seen gorgeous personal portfolios change the way people see themselves, sparking sincere appreciation and a radiant ripple effect in their lives. If you’ve experienced this, please share a comment below to inspire other readers. Otherwise, I suggest booking a photo shoot because life is too short not to fully appreciate it . . . and ourselves!

JHB Studio for Hire

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  • Chantal Meugens

    I’m glad you’ve decided to stay. Joburg would lose a great inspirational and wonderful entrepreneur and person. I am thankful for your post as I too feel that it’s important to take stock regularly and be grateful for what you have. I am so thankful for the time I had with you. It really inspired me and I don’t loathe myself as much as I used to, in photographs. You made me realise that I am special and the pics you took of me were stunning and I’ve used them so much. The pics are part of my bag of tricks in my blossoming business. The success of my business is another thing that I am very grateful for. Never stop helping people realise their beauty which shines when one becomes more confident. Take care and I wish much success to you and your hubby going forward.

    • Naomi

      Thank you so much Chantal for your beautiful comment! And sincere apologies for only just finding it and replying now! I’m so grateful to you for your generosity in sharing this. It means so much to know that you use your photos often and appreciate yourself more, as you richly deserve. It was a great pleasure to photograph you, Gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful wishes for Dave and me, and we wish you and yours every success too! Heartfelt thanks again and much love to you, Naomi

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