Isn’t it amazing what we can do with our smartphones these days, including shooting great photos and videos? Just a few years ago this would have been inconceivable, along with the unlimited opportunity to share them on the Internet via social media, for FREE. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving . . . and one that’s well worth leveraging!

Smartphone Shooting Tips

This week’s video features 3 minutes of top tips to make the most of your smartphone photos because hey, why not? Here’s something else to consider, in the words of well known photographer Ansel Adams: “You don’t take a photograph. You make it.”

Smartphone Photo Tweaks

So there you have my 3 favourite ways to quickly and easily tweak your smartphone photos and contribute to consistent quality for your personal and/or business brand. How about you? I’d love to know if you have preferred techniques of your own. Are you a filters fan, for example? Do you fancy black and white effects or creative layouts perhaps . . . and what is your favorite subject to shoot with your smartphone?

Share Your Photo Tips

Given how precious time is for all of us, let’s have some fun and help each other out by sharing what we’ve learned along the way. Go ahead and leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you! Please also forward this video to anyone who you know will benefit from taking and sharing better smartphone photos. Thank you!