I’m not sure about you but I love to journal. It helps to clear emotion, clarify my thinking and access inspiration. However, going within can only yield so many answers, even when combined with our experience in the world, no matter how extensive that may be. In my case, 16 years of pro photography and videography has yielded a wealth of content, which I’ve started to share via weekly vlogs. I’d love to tailor these to best serve your needs.

So I’m opening the floor to your most pressing, probing, ‘ordinary’ or ‘off the wall’ questions to do with photography and videography in general, and how to ensure consistently stunning photos and video of you in particular. Would that be a brilliant outcome for you? Can you imagine how powerfully it could impact your personal and professional success? Do you even believe it’s possible?

Trust me, it is possible, no matter how camera shy you may feel right now. This is something I’ve experienced myself and witnessed my clients experiencing too. I’m currently planning to shoot a brand new vlog series to address the relevant issues and challenges in more detail. We have some great questions to cover on the subject, and I’d love to include your questions! First prize will be for the whole series to be as helpful to you as possible, so please don’t feel restricted to a single topic.

What if you frankly hate facing a camera but no questions come to mind? Perhaps you’ve given up so completely on loving photos and videos of you that you’ve shut yourself off from enquiry. If this is you, then you’re missing out on feeling AMAZING and conveying that through a camera. And you’re far from alone! In 2011, a Dove survey reported that 75% of women are so camera shy that they avoid the camera altogether, and the Daily Mail Reporter in the UK reported that 77% of women are more anxious having their photo taken and posting it to social media than public speaking and having job interviews.

Wherever you are on the scale of camera shyness, I’d love to hear from you, whether to share your fears and frustrations or if you have specific questions you’d like to have answered. Simply leave a comment below and ask away. Also, if you have friends who struggle with camera shyness and need stunning photos or videos to promote their companies or careers, please pass this on to them. Their questions are welcome too!