Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of giving, I have a special vlog for you today, which explains the power of scripting videos and how this can benefit you, whether or not you choose to use a Teleprompter. I share an example of my own, namely that I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s phenomenal online B-School 2016 via my 90 second entry video. Here is a link to watch it: Naomi’s B-School Scholarship Winning Video.

This was made possible thanks to scripting, as well as other essential elements for expert videos, some of which we explore in the video below that is an excerpt from one of my in-studio confidence on camera workshops – with thanks to the gorgeous participants!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share more love by passing on the link to Marie’s brand new FREE 3-part business building video series that teaches you ‘how to make the difference you were born to make.’ This is an intro to B-School, which I highly recommend. Simply click on the following link to sign up: https://marieforleobschool.com.

I have nothing to gain from sharing this except the pleasure of connecting you with a life-changing opportunity that has positively impacted my business and life in major ways. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Marie and Team Forleo for granting me a scholarship last year. Since B-Schoolers receive lifetime access to the program, I’ll be back in the virtual halls soon. Hope to see you there and have a fabulous rest of your Valentine’s Day!