Can it help your confidence to play in front of a camera? What about practising poses? Isn’t that vain? Today’s vlog answers these questions, shining the spotlight on playing and posing. Both can be great fun and can really help you to Rock That Camera!

I teach this in my workshops, which include on-the-spot shoots to put these concepts into practise. The video below is an excerpt from one of them. Watch it for a smoking hot demo by Michelle Longman, who is featured in this photo and was the leading lady in the Yamaha TV advert that our OV&P team created. Here she is relaxing in between takes:

Sexy or what? This is the important part: don’t be intimidated by thinking that you need to be a model to shine on camera. Instead, be inspired by what you can learn from them, and also how simple it can be to unleash your inner star and share your brilliance via photos and videos. Not like anyone else, but by being entirely and authentically YOU – because you are the leading lady in your personal brand story!

Imagine for a moment . . . what does your dream photo or video shoot look like? Let me know in the comments below. Your ideas may spark something amazing, for you and other readers, and writing them down is the next step to manifesting them.

Do you know someone who is camera shy and perhaps feels inhibited in front of a lens? Please share this with them, so that they can also experience the pleasure of playing and practising posing – not to mention having gorgeous photo and video shoots!