I’m not sure what’s happening in your world today, but I have particular reason to pause for thought, in honour of the special value of life and loved ones. It reminds me of how poignant our legacies can become once we pass on, and how precious it can be to purposefully create a beautiful living legacy on a daily basis. This encompasses all that we think, say and do, but also our moments and messages that are captured in photos and videos of us.

This is one of the reasons that I am so passionate about helping people make the most of their photo and video shoots, in part by sharing my weekly vlog series of tips and ideas. Today we go into more detail about how to accessorise in your shoots:


With this in mind, have you ever considered how you would most like to be remembered? Without sounding too serious, contemplating this question can be powerful in terms of clarifying our thinking about life in general, our sense of purpose, as well as our visual portfolios of photos and videos. If you enjoyed this video, take at look at the first one in this series How to Accessorise in Shoots – Video 1, and if you have any questions or ideas to share, please leave a comment below. Your words may just help someone else too.