Hi Gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed Video 1 in this series, which I shared last week, about how to pose on camera for your photos and videos? In case you missed it, CLICK HERE.

This one dives into more detail in answer to the million dollar question: “What can I do to enhance how my body looks on camera?” It includes a bonus, special guest appearance by our Golden Retriever Storm, who loves to pop into our studio and participate in photo and video shoots with our clients. We can certainly learn something from our dogs, as he demonstrates. They have zero hang-ups about how they look on camera, as you’ll see 🙂

Watch this video, meet Storm and discover some key tips to shine on camera yourself!

If you’d like to take this to the next level, there are a few places left in my final Confidence on Camera workshops for 2016, coming up on 23 November (Rock Your Videos) and 7 December (Rock Your Photos). For more info and to make a booking, CLICK HERE.

And feel free to share this content with others who you feel may benefit. Thank you!