Do you ever wonder how best to pose on camera? If so, this week’s video is for you!

It answers some classic questions that I hear over and over when photographing and filming my clients, such as “Do I have a better side?”, “How should I hold my head?” and “Isn’t it vain to practise posing?” The image below features beautiful Juanita demonstrating what to do in order to determine your best side. Which would you say is hers? Click on the image to play the video and discover my take on that:

Since this video just scratches the surface of the whole “how to pose on camera” topic, I’ll be posting more weekly videos that dive into greater detail about this.

So stay tuned and please share this post with anyone who you feel may benefit, because it’s all of our birthright to look stunning on camera . . . and it’s perfectly possible!


  • Leslie

    I just watched your video and found it helpful, I will practice and find my best side. I was recently at some training in this very very beautiful setting in our famous coastal forests…and one of the individuals there wanted to take a photo shoot actually a video of me singing with my drum, then she askes me to take shots from differently locations around the property of the resort, so she could dub in my voice in these locations. I’m interested to see it when she’s done. I have that video from the table top mountain you took, it’s just a clip of the whole DVD you and Dave sent us but I really value what a wonderful gift you gave us all. Thank you

    • Naomi

      Hi Leslie, how wonderful to hear from you and thank you so much for your lovely message! I can imagine how gorgeous your video will be . . . please share a link to it once it’s available. That interlude on Table Mountain with your exquisite singing remains one of our most cherished memories 🙂 Thank you for the special light you shine in the world! Much love to you from us both, Naomi & Dave XX

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