We had immense fun with talented Natasha Tarryn Faber in our studio again, and although the first shoot I did for her was 10 years ago, it felt as if it was just the other day. That shoot was to assist with her portfolio photos for an international agency trip that she went on to Europe, and I must highlight that this gorgeous lady hasn’t aged a bit since then. Now she is expanding her horizons into acting, as she expertly portrayed during her recent shoot, embodying different attitudes and expressions needed for her new portfolio, not to mention looking stunning. Casting agents are in for a treat, as you can see:

Natasha Tarryn - Photographed by Naomi Estment
Natasha also co-owns and runs Distinct Weddings (an exclusive boutique wedding planning business) with her mother Lynn. If you’re looking for wedding planners who offer flawless professionalism and creative flair combined with grace, elegance and a touch of class, as effortlessly represented on their website, follow that link and be inspired. It was a pleasure to have Lynn in studio at Natasha’s shoot too, contributing her own energy and input, which complements her daughter’s so beautifully.

This is something to bear in mind for your own photo or video shoots. It can be valuable to have a special friend or loved one with you, often resulting in some fabulous spontaneous shots as you laugh and interact naturally together. The spirited flavour of Natasha’s shoot was no surprise to us because she is full of fun and refreshingly adventurous, as she also demonstrated on set during our shooting of the Summer 2014 TV advert that she features in, and which our company Outdoor Video & Photographic created for Yamaha. Here she is after taking a (wild) spin on one of their jetskis 🙂

Natasha Faber, photographed by Naomi Estment

We wish Natasha all the very best with her future castings and look forward to seeing her on screens and stages soon! In the meantime, heartfelt thanks to her for the privilege of doing this shoot and for her wonderful testimonial:

Naomi, it is always such a pleasure working with you, your bubbly personality makes me feel so at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, and I especially love how, during the shoot, you allowed me to see some of the pictures you’d taken so I could see what worked and what didn’t, lol! And then came the exciting bit of seeing the end product and Naomi, your passion shines through in your work! Thank you for bringing out the best in me and for a truly enjoyable experience. I love working with you!” – Natasha Tarryn Faber