Isn’t mother love a beautiful thing? And worthy of celebration, the world over! We had the pleasure of participating in a special Mother’s Day event at the Cabanga Conference Centre, where I presented my Rock That Camera session for a fabulous group of Moms.

A gem of a venue, tucked away not far from our studio in Johannesburg, Cabanga offers “outstanding facilities, superior service, excellent food and a convenient yet tranquil location”. We can vouch for it. On Mother’s Day it buzzed with vibrant energy as many families arrived to indulge in a delicious breakfast and enjoy activities and shopping opportunities tailor-made for mothers.

We had a magical time with some of them (pictured below), sharing insight and inspiration about how fabulous they can all look on camera, regardless of how little me-time they generally enjoy. As an extra treat, we followed up with confirmation in the form of a beautiful new profile pic for each one. Here is a link to our Facebook album with the results: Mother’s Day Workshop. I’m sure you’ll agree that all Moms – and all women – deserve to look and feel amazing, as they do in their individual photos.

It is often a revelation for ladies to discover how much impact professional photography, studio lighting and a simple backdrop can have on their portfolios. Combined with confidence on camera coaching, including tips and tricks to pose in the most flattering way, your photos are typically lifted to a whole new level. You’re welcome to contact me if you’re keen to explore how we can help you promote your company or career through expert photo shoots and video shoots, or click on those links for details about our package offers.

In the meantime, take a look at these two blog posts to help you prepare physically and emotionally for you next shoot . . . because you and your business are both worth it. 5 Ways to Prep for Your Shoot and How To Get Into The Mood. Enjoy!