Special Easter wishes to you and yours! Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’ve been enjoying a wonderful long weekend, full of rest, relaxation and radiance. The extra quiet time has inspired me to share some feedback from our launch workshops held at the beginning of this month at the Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

We hosted these as part of the Woman of Substance Wellness Day, which featured a number of exhibitors and facilitators sharing a variety of insight, inspiration and wellness-oriented products. The beautiful garden setting provided for plenty of rest and relaxation, while we set up a mini studio in the upstairs gallery area and focussed on helping our workshop participants to truly radiate!

Wellness Day at Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary
Our workshops are tailored to serve visionary but camera-shy women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, practitioners and leading corporate ladies who have a sense of purpose and a message to share. In summary, we dive into the details of how to rock that camera in your photo and video shoots respectively, and it was moving to experience some of the shifts that took place as our courageous ladies faced the lens and learned to relax and connect more effectively through the camera.

There’s a special energy associated with a group of inspiring women who share a commitment to personal development and mutual upliftment. This characterised the day and underlies our vision for our workshops – combined of course with our commitment to having fun! That may seem counter-intuitive if you are among the majority of camera-shy women. After all, according to a Dove survey reported on by New Media Rock Stars, 77 percent of women are more anxious about having their photo taken and posted on social media than they are of public speaking or a job interview.

We’re here to help you kiss goodbye to that kind of camera stress. While it’s completely understandable, it’s also simple to overcome once you learn some key concepts. For more insight, read my article on How To Overcome Camera Shyness. And please be in touch if you’d like to know more about our workshops or make a booking. I’d love to hear from you.