Have you witnessed the power of video to reach and move prospective customers, contacts, partners, associates or mentors, across the world? Would you love to harness this to share your own message, for the potential benefit of yourself and many others? It’s absolutely possible, and no wonder that 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 is predicted to be video, as reported by Syndacast and highlighted by Hubspot Blogs in January 2016.

This worldwide wave is gathering momentum for good reason. My recent personal experience offers a powerful example and provided me with an exceptional gift. As a subscriber to Marie Forleo’s free Marie TV YouTube channel and email list, I received notification a month ago that scholarship applications were open for her phenomenal online B-School program. These took the form of 90 second (maximum) video clips that shared your story, business concept and the greater why behind it, i.e. how you serve others.

The program required a significant investment, particularly given our poor SA Rand exchange rate, and I really wanted a scholarship. My first thought was “Fantastic, I can do this, video is our game!” followed immediately by a wave of fear, because what if I failed? The process involved sharing your application on social media, so not only could failure knock my confidence, but it could contribute to discrediting me publicly – a big risk!

Fortunately, the intensity of my desire to do it beat the fear, so I had 2 days to create a short video clip to share my passion and my message with Marie. After preparing my content, I set up our studio for the shoot, with Juanita and Dave’s wonderful help. Here is my video application, which won me a scholarship to B-School 2016:

Heartfelt thanks to Marie for this fantastic opportunity and for such special endorsement of my concept, which is to launch my online confidence on camera coaching to help you shine in your photos and videos. Keep a lookout for that . . . coming soon!

If you’re not yet familiar with Marie, she is a master in the art of meaningful video messaging, helping thousands of entrepreneurs world-wide ‘create a business and life they love’. Among many accolades and accomplishments, she was ‘named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc’s fastest growing companies of 2014’.

I am so honoured to be participating in her B-School 2016 program and can’t wait to discover how this journey unfolds. Thank you so much again Marie! In the meantime, you’re welcome to contact me with any questions on how to utilize the power of video in order to promote your own company or career. I’d love to connect with you!