If you’ve come to me for a photo shoot in the past 6 months, you will have had the pleasure of meeting multi-talented Juanita Meijsen. She joined our company Outdoor Video & Photographic in July 2015 as our Operations Manager, and is also a professional make-up artist who qualified in 2006, focusing mainly on beauty makeup for the bridal and modelling industries. Here she is in our studio, applying make-up for one of our special clients:

Juanita has also been passionate about photography for many years, and she helps me on many of our portfolio shoots, whether in our studio or on location, as well as with our Rock That Camera workshops, where we teach confidence on camera for photos and videos, particularly for visionary but camera-shy entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, practitioners and leading corporate ladies who want to promote their companies or careers.

During Juanita’s last corporate role, which involved organizing a number of large corporate events since 2008, Juanita also completed Public Relations training in 2012 to support the communications and public relations function that became part of her portfolio – at the same time equipping her with valuable insight and skills to understand our clients’ event and promotion requirements. This is what she said about joining our company:

I felt so privileged when OV&P approached me to join their team. I have witnessed their growth and development over the years and what a company, but mostly couple, to be working for. OV&P is undoubtedly an extension of who Dave and Naomi are and I am so excited to be part of their growth, success and positivity, as well as that of their exceptional clients. Despite my new learning curve, I hope to help ease the workload and contribute to the quantum leap in OV&P so richly deserved.

Thank you Juanita – for your wonderful words and presence, extensive expertise and far-reaching personal and professional contribution that you bring to our business and our valued client base. Here’s to mutual growth, success and fun!