Do you dream of being free from that awkward discomfort in front of the camera? And replacing it with radiant confidence that reflects your best self? If so, the following visualisation exercise may just be the game changer for you.

Before we continue, do you prefer to watch rather than read? If so, here you go:

Let’s Get Started

For over 10 years I have specialized in shooting individual portfolios and I have often reminded my models to focus on holding their “shoulders back, chest out and tummy in”, because good posture is key to great photos and/or videos. Give that a go and feel how your lungs open up to let in more air, and how your innate confidence and sense of positivity – even personal power – is automatically boosted, perhaps barely perceptibly but quite likely substantially.

Now take a deep breath, feeling the air draw in to the bottom of your lungs, hold it for a moment or two and then let it out slowly but forcefully, contracting your stomach towards the end of this action so that you squeeze every last drop of air out, imagining any tension flooding out of your body along with it. Repeat this deep in and out breath two more times and then let your breathing return to its easy, subconscious rhythm.

Imagine a flower. Bring it vividly to mind, paying attention to the details of the petals, stamens and stem; their colour, shape, texture. It may be your favourite flower or anything natural that pops up. The purpose is simply to help you shift into visualizing mode, and give you some instinctive guidance towards the style for your shoot. Remember that flowers or plants can add vibrant energy as props for your videos in particular, enhancing the full effect when they complement your clothing and background colours.

Keeping the peaceful, calm energy of your imagined flower or plant within and around you, picture someone walking lightly towards you; a person with whom you are inspired to share your radiance and your message. Imagine yourself looking into their eyes as they approach and as they receive the gift of your inspiration and guidance with warmth and love. They may be a partner, family member, friend or client who already appreciates how you are able to help them. A stranger may even come to mind; someone who represents your ideal client; the person for whom you create your services and products. But keep it to one person, one pair of shining eyes connecting directly with yours.

Without altering your gaze, allow an imaginary camera lens to shift in between the two of you, as a welcome means of connection because this person is not physically in your presence. Notice that you are not looking at the lens, but through it, holding the gaze of this special person who is eager to receive your gifts and reciprocate with gratitude. Accept their gratitude, feel it fill you up and overflow to embrace the camera in front of you. Acknowledge the gift that this offers you in turn, blessing you with the means to connect not only with this one person but also with many more, who are waiting to experience the unique upliftment, inspiration and empowerment that you can provide.

Build out this picture in your mind’s eye of yourself at your photo shoot, interacting joyfully with your photographer or videographer, feeling completely relaxed – smiling, laughing, moving and speaking with effortless grace and ease. Stay with this for a while and play with the potential details, contemplating various outfits, props and styling that you may like to include. Imagine the fabulous results you will achieve together, in the form of a beautiful portfolio of engaging photos and/or vibrant, compelling videos. All of this and more is completely possible for you. In fact, it’s destined to happen, just the way you have imagined it, or even better – because that’s how visualization works.

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And finally, feel free to Rock That Camera and enjoy every moment of your shoot!