Magic happens in our studio. We built it (in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg) over 10 years ago, and have loved every minute of the creative energy and joy it has given us as well as hundreds of our clients. Still, isn’t it fabulous how a few key changes to our living or working space can bring a breath of fresh air to the experience of being there?

Shoots, Workshops & VIP Days

We’ve recently whisked a wand through our studio with a view to making it even more welcoming for you to enjoy a bespoke photo or video shoot, Empowering Group Workshop on Essential Camera Confidence or Video Skills, or an exclusive, individual VIP Day to completely up-level your photo and video portfolio in order to amplify your brand.

The above photo shows one backdrop and lighting setup in place. There are a number of options that we can use for your shoot and we actively participate in selecting what will best suit you, your outfits, style and objectives. This includes incorporating a variety of props such as a chair/stool/couch, etc., while helping to guide you in matching everything together and posing beautifully.

Bathroom & Kitchen Facilities

Our bathroom and kitchenette area are available for clothing changes and refreshments during your shoot or workshop session. Our range of backdrops also includes a green screen for video shoots, which makes it possible to edit a variety of backgrounds into your video during post production. In each case, we use expert lighting solutions to flatter you and evoke desired moods.

OV&P's Jo'burg Studio

Specialist Equipment

Specialist audio equipment is available for our video shoots, along with extra items such as polystyrene boards, light covers and coloured gels that can contribute to our creative options for photographing people and/or products, with plenty of space to accommodate group shoots and our workshops too. On that note, we offer a chill zone outside, with a swimming pool and thatched boma where you can relax in between takes, if you feel like it.

Seamless Integration

In addition to the rest of our equipment, we have a light table with infinity curve, which is ideal for shooting products. Everything works seamlessly together, with our camera and computer being connected during your shoot, so that you can immediately see your images appearing on a big screen, for selection of your favourites. If you like what you see, take a browse through our services and galleries to discover what delight awaits you here!

In the meantime, you’re welcome to leave any questions or comments below.