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Hey Gorgeous!

Can you imagine having consistently captivating photos and videos of you that create the best first impression, attract your ideal clients and contribute to a brand you adore? You can! In fact, it’s simple when you know how. But it can be daunting.

I’m here to help with photo and video shoots, talks, training and online courses that teach confidence on camera, how to master the details of personal branding shoots, pose and present like a pro, and leverage the power of photos and videos online.

 Every one of us can shine on camera and make it count, and it’s essential to be visible in this way in order to build a successful business, especially online. So, see below how we can work together and let’s connect. Want to know more about me?

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Online Course

Perfect for you if . . .

You’re ready to boost your confidence on camera, optimize your photo and video shoots and ramp up your online presence.

Photo Shoots

Perfect for you if . . .

You dream of a fabulous portfolio of fresh photos and you want a brilliant shoot to showcase your personal or business brand.

Video Shoots

Perfect for you if . . .

You understand the power of personal branding videos and want to book a shoot to share your message most effectively.

Live Workshops

Perfect for you if . . .

You’re not sure how but you’d love to play bigger via photos and videos that reflect the best of you and what you offer.

Talks & Training

Perfect for you if . . .

You want to empower your team and boost their visual marketing or add value to your event with a vibrant presentation.

VIP Days

Perfect for you if . . .

You’re confident on camera and keen to up-level your photo and video portfolio to amplify your personal or business brand.

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Inspiring Lifestyle Settings

Inspiring Lifestyle Settings

Hey Gorgeous, here’s wishing you a wonderful 2023! Are you feeling a spark of inspiration to up-level your portfolio of personal branding and lifestyle photos and videos? This may apply if you’re cosying up in winter in the Northern hemisphere, or soaking up our glorious summer here in the South. Either way, it can be fun, refreshing and effective to…

It’s Been A Wild Ride

It’s Been A Wild Ride

How is life treating you? I hope that this year has brought you special times and memories to treasure. For us, the journey has been epic and SO much has happened since my last post, including moving our home and business from Johannesburg to Stellenbosch. The pic above felt like the eye of the storm, when the removals van arrived…

Breaking the Bias

Breaking the Bias

Happy International Women’s Day! How are you breaking the bias? With this year’s global theme for International Women’s Day being #BreakTheBias, to help fix challenges around equity, diversity and inclusion, I’m honoured and delighted to be contributing to the far reaching and profound impact that the dynamic WomEng and WomHub team are achieving for girls and women in STEM fields…

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