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Being in front of a camera has never felt this fun or been so rewarding!

Naomi Estment's Workshop Group

Imagine your sense of empowerment if you could be your best on camera, every time?

My vibrant workshops are here to help you shine in your personal branding photos and videos

These intensive, personalised workshops provide expert training to develop your confidence and skills on camera, in a safe, engaging environment. They are hosted at our Johannesburg studio and help you to shine in photos (ROCK YOUR PHOTOS workshop) and videos (ROCK YOUR VIDEOS workshop) respectively. We also tailor keynote presentations, team-building and training to different numbers of participants and time frames, to suit client requirements and various functions. Here’s a sneak peek into my ROCK THAT CAMERA session at the Revolution Evolution Summit for entrepreneurs. Take a look and be inspired to boost YOUR confidence on camera so that you too can have consistently stunning photos and videos:


UNLEASH YOUR INNER STAR as you learn how to:


* Connect confidently with the camera and with your ideal audience
* Position your body attractively and pose in a natural, relaxed way
* Select key aspects of style and setting to suit you and your brand
* Identify requirements for top quality photo and video shoots of you
* Prepare effectively in order to make the most of your future shoots

Are these workshops for YOU?

YES, if you are a visionary but camera-shy entrepreneur, coach, consultant, corporate professional, speaker, writer, facilitator or practitioner, who has a message to share and wants to feel fantastic while effectively promoting your company or career via stunning photos and videos – at the same time creating a living legacy that you love. This is totally within your reach, not to mention what you and your business deserve!

Who is your facilitator?

In each session, you will be guided through a practical and fun process by me, Naomi Estment, based on my personal journey and extensive professional experience gained via my business Naomi Estment International and Outdoor Video & Photographic, which is the corporate and commercial photography and videography business that I co-own with my husband Dave, since we launched it in January 2001. In addition to our company website being voted SA Best Photographic Blog Winner in 2014, as well as Runner Up in 2015 and 2016, I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s phenomenal online B-School in 2016 on the basis of my work, conveyed via my 90 second entry video. Having shot hundreds of individual portfolios over the years, and having overcome my own resistance to facing the camera, I am passionate about helping visionary leaders and their teams to unleash their success by promoting their companies or careers via exceptional photos and videos.

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