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Reach people around the world through your videos

Never underestimate the power of video to connect with and move like-minded people, potential clients, associates and mentors across the globe. As an example, I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s phenomenal B-School 2016 by way of this 90 second entry video. I’d love to help you achieve your own success and exceptional privilege such as this, through videos. You’re welcome to contact me if you’d like to find out more.

Share insight and inspiration with your tribe

If you’re reading this web page, it’s likely that you have something valuable to share with your own clients and followers. Video provides a golden opportunity to do this is in an engaging way, and to share your content through vlogs and email messages, for example. Here is one of my 3 minute vlogs to give you some tips on setting up a YouTube channel, while illustrating how you too can convey this type of content.

Learn how to make the most of your photo and video shoots

The following vlog shares tips on how to pose on camera, featuring a lifestyle interview setup in our studio, as opposed to the 2 backdrops above.

Be inspired to boost your confidence on camera

Here’s a sneak peek into my session at The Passionate Professional’s Revolution Evolution Summit for entrepreneurs, hosted in Johannesburg. Take a look and be inspired to boost your confidence on camera so that you too can have consistently stunning photos and videos of you to amplify your personal or business brand . . . and then follow these links for more information about my workshops and presentations.

Promote your business or event via video

A variety of backdrops, lighting and colour scenarios can be effective for your videos, like the first 3 videos on this page, which we shot in our studio. We also use lifestyle settings on location (indoors and outdoors) at various venues. Here is an example of the promo video we created for Hema Vallabh of The Passionate Professional, for the Revolution Evolution Summit where I presented my above session.

What are your personal or professional video requirements?

We offer a range of videography for online and offline purposes, such as promotional and training videos, testimonials, interviews, vlogs, presentation coverage, etc. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss your requirements.

For plenty more value-packed videos to help you shine on camera, subscribe to my YouTube channel.