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My vibrant presentations and facilitated sessions provide expert, down-to-earth training to develop confidence and skills on camera, and to maximize the marketing potential of photos and videos. They are geared to get results for corporate or public groups. We can tailor sessions to different numbers of participants and time frames, according to your requirements. Intensive personalised workshops for fewer people are also available.

What do attendees learn and experience?

Naomi Estment Speaking

How to shine in personal branding photos and videos – and make it count!


Master your confidence on camera

How to infuse X factor into photos and videos of you

SESSION 1: Show up fully and claim your power
Forget about hiding or playing small. It’s time to shine!
SESSION 2: Replace camera shyness with confidence
Why are photos and videos so often unflattering, really?

Master your photo & video shoots

How to optimize your experience before and during shoots

SESSION 3: Plan and prep effectively for your shoots
Bust procrastination and ensure the best return on investment.
SESSION 4: Select your settings, props and accessories
What works and what doesn’t, in line with you and your brand?
SESSION 5: Pose attractively and present your best self
Look gorgeous and sound great on camera. No more cringing!

Master your visual marketing mix

How to amplify your brand via stunning photos and videos

SESSION 6: Understand the elements of visual marketing
The do’s and don’ts of personal branding photos and videos
SESSION 7: Unleash your success via visual marketing
Replace confusion with clarity and share content like a pro!

Are these sessions right for your team and/or your function?

YES, if you are a visionary leader with a passion for developing people and an interest in how photos and videos can contribute to achieving this, while powerfully promoting personal and business brands.This is totally within reach, not to mention what you and your business deserve!

Who is your presenter?

In each session, I (Naomi Estment) guide attendees through an interactive, visual presentation, drawing on my personal journey and extensive professional experience gained via my business Naomi Estment International and Outdoor Video & Photographic, which is the corporate and commercial photography and videography business that I co-own with my husband Dave, since we launched it in January 2001. In addition to our website being voted SA Best Photographic Blog Winner in 2014, as well as Runner Up in 2015 and 2016, I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s phenomenal online B-School in 2016 on the basis of my work, conveyed via my 90 second entry video. Having shot hundreds of individual portfolios over the years, and having overcome my own resistance to facing the camera, I am passionate about helping visionary leaders and their teams to unleash their success by promoting their companies and careers via exceptional photos and videos.

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