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Hot & Happening

Nicole Morgan, Amore' Vlok & Mwila Masongo - Photographed by Naomi Estment

Fantastic News from New York!

WOW, I'm excited for 3 of my young clients. You may have read my blog post New York, here they come! a month ago? It features photos from the portfolios that I shot for Amore' Vlok, Mwila Masongo and Nicole [...]

Testimonial by Rachel Balthazar for Naomi Estment

In Their Own Words

How significant are testimonials to you - in terms of your own work and/or suppliers who you support? Personally, I can be strongly persuaded by sincere, informed feedback about products or services that I plan to purchase. For this reason, [...]

Mwila Masongo, Nicole Morgan & Amore' Vlok - Photographed by Naomi Estment

New York, here they come!

This is a thrilling time of year for many young people around the world. It brims with promise for career opportunities because the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) hosts their annual convention in New York in July. This is [...]

Petra Laranjo with pic of Harvey Specter

Blue Heels Boogie

There was a bit of boogieing but mostly power-packed business, personal growth and networking at last week's Standard Bank Women in Leadership conference (part of their Blue Heels program), hosted at the bank's magnificent leadership centre in Johannesburg. It was [...]