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Hot & Happening

Figures SA Models & 2017 IMTA Contestants, photographed by Naomi Estment

New York, here they come!

This is a thrilling time of year for many young people around the world. It brims with promise for career opportunities because the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) hosts their annual convention in New York in July. This is [...]

Petra Laranjo with pic of Harvey Specter

Blue Heels Boogie

There was a bit of boogieing but mostly power-packed business, personal growth and networking at last week's Standard Bank Women in Leadership conference (part of their Blue Heels program), hosted at the bank's magnificent leadership centre in Johannesburg. It was [...]

Makeover and Photo Shoot with Petra Laranjo & Naomi Estment

Mother’s Day Special

I'm sure you'll agree that every woman deserves a stunning makeover and photo shoot at least once, if not once a year. I believe this implicitly, having witnessed how dramatically it can improve how we see ourselves, how others see [...]

Women’s Day Celebration

Women's Day is always cause for celebration, and especially so when we collaborate with like-minded ladies in sharing our gifts for the greatest good of all concerned. Heartfelt thank you to Mareli Scott for inviting me to present my signature [...]