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Behind The Scenes

Naomi Estment, photographed by Dave Estment

Fresh Website Photos

There’s something about the change of seasons that seems to inspire new ideas. Do you agree? Heading into Spring here in Johannesburg, I’m freshly enchanted by the beauty of nature waking up again, especially the scent of jasmine infusing the [...]

Reasons to Celebrate

It took me years to truly appreciate reasons to celebrate, including the everyday reason that we’re alive on this beautiful planet. Now I do, and today I’m talking about special occasions, since my mother and mother-in-law celebrated their birthdays during [...]

Melissa's Cappuccino

Let’s share a virtual coffee

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could randomly pause our day and grab a virtual coffee with anyone we chose? Today I pick you, because I’m grateful you’re in my world. What’ll you have? Cappuccino, americano, chocolate latte or maybe [...]

Smurf the Puppy, photographed by Naomi Estment

Message from Smurf

Are you a puppy lover? Easily enchanted by their trusting eyes and playful energy? I sure am. Still, Dave and I were thinking we may be over raising puppies, particularly after the financial fallout from our last two. Let’s just [...]

House by Night photographed by Dave Estment of OV&P

Valuable Life Lesson

How are you doing, Gorgeous? Very well I hope! Perhaps taking stock as we head into the 2nd half of the year, with fresh intention to make it count? My husband Dave and I have had an interesting few weeks [...]