FREE GIFT: 7 Pro Tips for Stunning Photos & Videos of You, Especially If You're Camera Shy

Video Elements Image by Naomi Estment

How and Why to Script Your Videos

Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of giving, I have a special vlog for you today, which explains the power of scripting videos and how this can benefit you, whether or not you choose to use a Teleprompter. I share [...]

Tips to Shine on Camera by Naomi Estment

Pretend Your Way to Stunning Shoots

Last week we looked at how to play your way to stunning shoots, but is there a place for pretending too? Actually YES, you can pretend your way to stunning shoots, although perhaps not quite in the way you might [...]

Yamaha Advert - photo by Naomi Estment

Play Your Way to Stunning Shoots

Can it help your confidence to play in front of a camera? What about practising poses? Isn't that vain? Today's vlog answers these questions, shining the spotlight on playing and posing. Both can be great fun and can really help [...]

Beautiful Juanita photographed by Naomi Estment

How to Add Sparkle to Your Shoots

Sparkle is irresistible in photos and videos, and there are simple ways that you can add it to yours. In this week's vlog excerpt from my recent Rock That Camera workshop, we explore what you can do to shine on [...]