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How To Vlog Like A Pro

Just in the past week, two people have mentioned to me that they're amazed by how much content I share, via blogs and video blogs (or vlogs as they're called), like this one. During the course of my 8 years [...]

Spotlight on Nicole Capper - Mrs SA 2017 Finalist

Spotlight on Nicole Capper

Every so often I have the privilege and pleasure of photographing someone who I know will do great things. As a breath-taking example, I'm so happy to share that gorgeous Nicole Capper is a Mrs South Africa Finalist! At 32, [...]

Makeover and Photo Shoot with Petra Laranjo & Naomi Estment

Mother’s Day Special

I'm sure you'll agree that every woman deserves a stunning makeover and photo shoot at least once, if not once a year. I believe this implicitly, having witnessed how dramatically it can improve how we see ourselves, how others see [...]

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How to Take Better Smartphone Photos

Isn't it amazing what we can do with our smartphones these days, including shooting great photos and videos? Just a few years ago this would have been inconceivable, along with the unlimited opportunity to share them on the Internet via [...]