FREE GIFT: 7 Pro Tips To Shine On Camera - Even If You're Camera Shy

May 2017

"Every one of us CAN shine in photos and videos." - Naomi Estment

Unphotogenic? No You’re Not

Do you consider yourself unphotogenic? If so, you're far from alone! I lost count long ago of how many people have told me that, literally apologizing as they stepped in front of my camera. This includes gorgeous, successful, accomplished and [...]

Petra Laranjo with pic of Harvey Specter

Blue Heels Boogie

There was a bit of boogieing but mostly power-packed business, personal growth and networking at last week's Standard Bank Women in Leadership conference (part of their Blue Heels program), hosted at the bank's magnificent leadership centre in Johannesburg. It was [...]

Vlog tips from Naomi Estment

How To Vlog Like A Pro

Just in the past week, two people have mentioned to me that they're amazed by how much content I share, via blogs and video blogs (or vlogs as they're called), like this one. During the course of my 8 years [...]

Spotlight on Nicole Capper - Mrs SA 2017 Finalist

Spotlight on Nicole Capper

Every so often I have the privilege and pleasure of photographing someone who I know will do great things. As a breath-taking example, I'm so happy to share that gorgeous Nicole Capper is a Mrs South Africa Finalist! At 32, [...]