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Spotlight on Juanene Frydman & Naëtt Atkinson

Do you ever dream of spending a heavenly interlude in the Tuscan countryside? Blessed to have visited there before, I was inspired by its beauty when choosing a fabulous location for two special friends, in order to create personal lifestyle portfolios that were infused with fresh air, sunlight and a taste of Italy. We didn’t have far to go, discovering the gorgeous Avianto venue in Muldersdrift, on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

Beautiful Friends, photographed by Naomi Estment

Both highly accomplished and experienced ladies with their own businesses, Juanene Frydman (left) is an executive coach, speaker and conversationalist, while Naëtt Atkinson (right) specialises in financial literacy training and mediation. As such, it really serves their success to share engaging, personal images of themselves, to promote connection with their clients and amplify the ‘know, like and trust’ factor for their brands.

Despite the fact that Avianto was buzzing with the anticipation of a wedding and two conferences when we arrived, there was an abundance of space and opportunity for us to enjoy our photo shoot, undisturbed. Our objective was to capture Juanene and Naëtt in a radiantly natural, inspirational and aspirational setting, and we were all delighted with the simply lovely images to enhance their personal and professional profiles.

Thank you to the staff at Avianto for delivering everything we had imagined. They welcomed us warmly, accommodating our requirements with ease and grace, and contributed to the exquisitely relaxed atmosphere we experienced. It helped that the weather was perfect, with wistful blue sky and not a breath of wind. What a pleasure to shoot in this stunning setting, so that we walked away with a blissful sense of being momentarily transported for a mini Tuscan holiday. Most special thanks to Juanene and Naëtt for the privilege and pleasure of photographing them, and for their fabulous testimonials:

Naomi had me laughing in minutes and more focused on being myself than being the perfect photographic model, that I’m not. I knew that I didn’t want a ‘traditional’ shoot; I wanted my readers and audience to know me as I am and Naomi ensured that my requsts were met. From suggesting the wardrobe that I bring to the shoot, to the poses (if we can call them that) that I struck, to suggesting a venue that resonated with me, Naomi and Jaunita echoed my non traditional requests. If you’re looking for a team who understand what is required professionally and equally have empathy for our non-confident selves, you’ll want to be ‘shot’ by Naomi and Juanita.” – Juanene Frydman

Naomi’s free spirit, complete ease in her own skin and absolute professionalism, make you forget all your issues about being in front of the camera. I loved my photos and the way she captured the essence of me.” – Naëtt Atkinson

If you’re interested in a location photo or video shoot for yourself or your business, you’re welcome to contact me to discuss your options. I’d love to connect with you!

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